The 3 soft skills to demonstrate on your CV

A soft skill describes a personal trait or attribute that can and will often be used in the workplace. For instance, communication and organisation is classed as a soft skill, and although it may not be requested on the job advert, could be important for the role.

If you want to go that extra mile and demonstrate soft skills on your CV, here are the 3 most popular that an employer would like to see…


Are you applying for a role that requires excellent communication skills? There is a very good chance you are, and this soft skill would need to be demonstrated on your CV.

Provide as many examples as possible of an outstanding achievement which clearly required a high level of communication. Again, you don’t need to state this and instead prove it by providing some great examples.

‘I successfully negotiated 18 contracts for the last quarter of 2018, which resulted in generating a total of £320,000 revenue’.

In order to achieve this high level of turnover you clearly must have excellent communication skills. The employer doesn’t need to read cliché statements like, ‘I have great communication skills’.

Team working

Interaction between co-workers is an essential part of many businesses, and being able to function effectively as part of a team could be important to the employer. If this applies to you then consider demonstrating this soft skill on your CV.

However, don’t tell the employer you are a great team worker – show them. List your past achievements as part of a team, and explain how your combined efforts resulted in success. This will greatly increase your chances of getting an interview for a role that relies heavily on team work and co-worker interaction.

Organisation – time management

An essential part of any role is organisation and time management. Whether you’re a postman, a pizza delivery driver, or the CEO of Google; how you manage your daily tasks and keep to a strict schedule is essential.

The employer would want to see an organised mind when they read your CV. As such, a great way to demonstrate this on your application is via examples of diary management. You could also consider providing examples of how well you manage your deadlines, and how consistent you are with hitting them.

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